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Κλείσε την πόρτα


9/21/2020 8:10AM
I'm currently at work. There's a new employee training here.
Nothing really interesting has been happening. I'll update more
when I'm on my lunch break.
Thanks for stopping by on my corner of the internet.
I'm shit at coding, so I'm kind of proud of how this
site turned out. I'm tired of being limited by
social media's rules/etc. I kept getting
banned on Instagram because of my art.
(I make vent art and art that explores heavy topics.
So making my own site seems like a good choice.
I'm still working on this shit, I've been working on it
since yesterday. I've included a music player on the bottom
full of my favorite songs (and artists.)
Be sure to sign my guestbook and have fun. Come back
later for my art to be posted soon. Thanks.